Semi - Private Cremation

Our comprehensive process is established to ensure that your pet’s ashes are returned to you, the rightful owner. Please read below for more information on our semi-private cremations.

  • We identify and tag your pet with a cremation identification number upon optional pick up at your home or veterinary clinic.
  • A stainless steel cremation disc with the ID number engraved on it remains with the pet throughout the cremation process.
  • Your pet will be separated by a partition in our cremation chamber. There is no commingling of remains.
  • The cremains and identification disc are placed in our Paw Print Can Urn. (Additional Urns can be purchased for an added fee, please see "Products" page)
  • The Urn is labeled with your pets name and cremation ID number.
  • A certificate bearing the pet’s name, owner’s name and date of cremation is prepared and personally signed.

Other types of services and fees: